Today is the day I become a Creative Director

Can you design me a logo?
Do you also create websites?
What about newsletters and keynote decks?

As a young creative, I’m always asked to design things, images, layouts,…

But no one ever asked me to write anything. To design sentences. Taglines. Names. Stories.

No one asked me probably because I’m bad at it — especially in English — or because I’m the one thinking I’m bad at it. You tell me.

This is why I started writing tonight. To get better. To become the best. Because copywriting is important. The most important in fact.

All of this while watching the 6th episode of the 5th season of Mad Men, what a cliché I know. I’ll write my next entry with David Ogilvy’s book on Advertising next to me if you prefer.

But it isn’t Don Draper nor Ogilvy that taught me the power of copywriting in advertising. In fact, he didn’t teach me advertising at all.

Marie-Laure, Yann & Antoine did.

They probably are the reason I want to become a Creative Director. And today is the day I start becoming one.




Creative - Branding Designer

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Frans Hulet

Frans Hulet

Creative - Branding Designer

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